We shape words into brilliant copy using thought, heart and keyboard-tapping brawn.

As a specialised copywriting agency, Copy&Co is dedicated to creating pitch perfect copy for creative campaigns, websites, digital spaces, TVC scripts and all other mediums where writing needs to shine.

We do this by understanding your brand, defining your voice and connecting to your audience through the wonder of words.





Creative copy

We’re anything but word nerds and love unleashing our creative gusto on campaigns for advertising, branding, digital and PR agencies.

From nailing that perfect headline and tagline to composing copy that sings, we have every breed of campaign covered.

So for our first date, ask us along to your in-house think tank session or creative pow-wow so we can bring our word wonderment to the table.


Web and digital copy

There’s nothing worse than a website that puts visitors into a copy-coma. We believe online writing should engage your audience with who you are, what you do and how they can get it.

So if you’re looking for the kind of web copy that keeps audiences glued to the screen rather than losing them to singing cats on YouTube, give us a shout.

TVC, radio & video scripts

We can’t get enough of scriptwriting for television and online video campaigns – in fact we’re geting a reputation around town for it.

Whether you have your storyboard penciled in and require written content to bring it to life, or would like us to devise, storyboard and write the whole kit and kaboodle for you, then throw your creative idea our way.


Features and digital publishing

From politicians and high rollers through to Chaka Khan and the Village People, we have interviewed some pretty interesting personalities to create standout features.

Wearing our journalism hat, we’ve also custom-published progressive corporate and not-for-profit online magazines. So if you need a wordsmith to take your concept to print, you know where to find us.